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So last weekend my technology revolted and bad things happened. The screen on my phone died, the version of windows I had on my comp was bugging out all over the place, and my power cord died which meant my laptop was not being all happy and charged. Luckily, I found the right boot disks to fix windows, the power cord I ordered online (for $75 cheaper than dell had it, and free shipping) arrived overnight, and my replacement phone arrived this morning. Things are finally all fixed in the world of Jess, and just in time for Aion closed beta #6 this weekend. Happy Jess :D


Stupid Subway

Today I had the worst commute to work. I forgot my cell phone at home, my ipod played half a song before dying, I got about 5 min out of my DS before its battery died, I only had 15 more pages in my book and forgot to pack another one, and my "blackberry" was at home charging so I didn't even have brick breaker to entertain me. I also managed to get to work about 30 min early, but at least I remembered my office key, so I had access to the internet.


1) A partner introduced himself to me today. I have only been working here a year, and have only ordered cars for him about... 20 times. But it's all good. Now he knows my name. I just have to remember his the next time he sneaks up on me :)


3) I am taking off work at least one day near my birthday and I am going to go see two of my favorite bands, Blink and Taking Back Sunday. Weezer is pretty awesome too. Happy Birthday to me!!!

4) Sims 3 is going to be a horrible addiction for me. I really need more hard drive space. PeggySims watch out, I am downloading your awesome skins.

5) I am very bored at work and wish there were people online to talk to. I wish more people were on gchat.

May. 13th, 2009

once again... long time no see. wow I really suck at keeping this even slightly up to date.

anyways, my bathroom is in shambles. there are no walls on the right half of it, there is pipes and tools all over the place (not to mention drywall dust and dirt) and I don't think I will be able to shower there for awhile... which sucks.

I really hate renovation. I know is it necessary, but that doesn't mean I like it. I also don't like Home Depot.

Mar. 11th, 2009

They are cleaning the brass at work and I think I am getting high from it. Stupid work.

btw... Hi :)

Retarded Coworkers

I really really really hate how no one listens to me. I mean... they see my mouth moving, they hear words, but they never freaking process what I am trying to tell them. Is it so difficult to remove your head out of your ass for less than a minute and actually listen to what I am saying instead of assuming that I am a moron and have no idea what I am talking about? I want to kill my coworkers. I tell them some important piece of information, which goes in one ear and out the other, or they choose to ignore it cause the new girl is telling it to them. Fucking idiots. Then they panic cause something I tried warning them about like 5 minutes ago is now blowing up in their faces, and what can I do? I tried. I am not going to have this be my fault cause they are too fucking stupid to listen.

I wish my boss would hurry up and get better and come back and save me.

Welcome back lj

Well... apparently it has been over a year since I have posted. I should probably work on that. Let's play quick catch up. I moved back to Brooklyn from Scranton during the summer with my boyfriend. I am currently working in Midtown, but I am stuck on the night shift, so it is kinda hard to get together and hang out with my friends... which sucks.

Tonight work is kinda boring. No one is really online and work is work. At least it is a little busier than normal. Easier to be bored when there is nothing to do. My stomache is also hurting a bit... which makes sitting at the lobby desk and trying to be pleasant a little annoying... but eh... what can you do. At least I got to talk to the boy for a bit before he went home... poor guy had to work a double. He is going to be exhausted tomorrow... which means I am going to have to wake up early after a few precious hours of sleep and kick his ass out of bed. Already looking forward to it XP

Really would rather be home playing wow right now. Luckily... only 2 more hours to go.
Well... today is my second day back at work and I feel like crap. I am not working full days yet cause I just can't with all the pain in my neck, head and back... but I can't sit at home and do nothing anymore either. Of course I am doing nothing at work since CIGNA started a new pilot program that dosn't really involve spherion with the hiring. They might end up pulling us out of here and having us work on another account.

my cell phone is dead. you can no longer reach me at that number. actually my mother stole my number so if you call it you will reach her and she can tell you how to get in touch with me. when i get a new cell phone (hopefully tonight) I will give people who want it my new number.

my computer died last night. it finally just got to the point where it is no longer recognizing the ac adapter. i called dell and since it seems that it is an overheating problem, they are calling it a safety hazard and sending me a new comp. so until they send it to me I am computerless. considering i think the adapter melted a bit, and everything in my comp has started to fail... i think i am lucky it hasn't exploded or something. They recommended that i don't turn it on again... but i think i have enough battery life to transfer my files over to my pretty new hard drive that the boy got me for my bday (it is early... but i needed it).

so yeah... still in pain, no communication, and lots of physical therapy to drive me nuts. funness.

Jul. 30th, 2007

Today on my way home from work I was rearended by a tractor trailer. I'm fine, mainly suffered bad whiplash and was scared out of my fucking mind but I am ok. My mom's RAV 4 on the other hand is not. I'm not sure how bad the damages are... but I may have totalled my first car. Lovely milestone I had hoped to never reach. Anyway... just wanted to let everyone know I am alright and valium is very very nice.

Lvoe HP

1. I went to go see HP last night. Midnight showings are awesome. The movie was great, though it did feel like some parts were a bit rushed... though that is to be expected since the book is so long. I went with my mom, sister and the boy... and the boy hasn't read the book so I was telling him all the differences on the way home as a way of keeping everyone awake :)

2. I lvoe Ron.

3. The movie broke with about 25 min left to go. They ended up fixing it, but we missed a nice 5 min of the movie so they gave the entire theater free passes. Now I get to go see Transformers!

4. Must reread book 5 and see what else they missed.

5. Only got 3.5 hours of sleep... must not pass out at work.

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