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i love my temps.... well some of them. One of the women I really like, Holly, came down to HR at lunch and gave me this awesome pair of earrings that she had made for me over the weekend. They are beaded and dangly and pink, purple and green. Brightened up my monday morning a little bit.

My mom is up this week. And my dad is showing up tonight with Chai (and the dog), so it is once again going to be a full house. I love my family... but i also like my own space which i never have when they are around. Also it can be a little weird hanging out with the boy... though he is really good with my mom. Last night the three of us worked on my puzzle for a bit (we are almost done! and then we start the pita puzzle he brought over... no edges and 5 extra pieces that don't fit) and then watched a Bond movie. Good times. :)

Jun. 26th, 2007

so... a few nights ago everyone who lives on my block in bklyn were kicked out of their homes for the evening because of a bomb threat. My mom called me to tell me that she, my dad, my dog and our tennant were wandering the streets cause they weren't allowed to be near the house. My sister came home (having no clue what was going on) and was met by police and fbi agents who pretty much told her to go away. She ended up going to a friends house and staying the night, while my mom called me and asked where my spare apartment key is. they were finally allowed back home well after midnight. Apparently i missed a very interesting night in teh city while stuck in PA.

Jun. 25th, 2007

LJ ate my first post... so now I am in a VERY special mood.

Let's start out with the weekend. First of all I was unable to go to the guild party because of a certain family member who shall remain nameless and I refuse to even think about cause my head is still ready to explode everytime I do. So I basically spent the entire weekend dealing with this family "emergency" and playing wow.

I finally got Katyl her wind totem (yay shaman to lvl 30!). I also lvled my horde mage and priest, and had a blast playing my lock with the boy last night. True Mythri was dead a small chunk of the time since the boy is not the greatest at healing and keeping the lock alive... but we got some lvls and had a blast so it is all good. Really took my mind off teh crap that was going on.

Then I got little to no sleep last night due to the fact that I was playing wow later than i should have been (nothing new there) and then at 3 am I was playing with a raccoon that visited my porch. I had left a bag of garbage out there so the boy would trip over it and take it to the dump in the morning... but the wildlife got to it first. The second time I scared the damn cr4eature off I saw it run to the edge of the porch and try and get through the wooden railing. Of course it had a fat butt and all i coudl think was "i swear if you get your fat ass stuck in my porch I am NOT freeing you!" Of course the boy was no help... when I was leaving in the morning I asked him if raccoons were nocturnal (just double checking) and the response I got was "of course they are... unless they have rabies. Have fun getting to work!"


so now it looks like this. No sleep + wildlife encounter + bad thunderstorms + bad hiccups due to nerves = really pissed off and sleepy jess. The only reason I even came into work today is that I am the only one that knows how to do payroll atm, and I really don't want 25 temps harassing me cause they didn't get paid. not to mention I really like my paycheck and would also like to get it this week.
Snagged from the wonderful so_severus

[1] Pick 12 TV shows.
[2] Then pick one of your favourite quotes from each show.
[3] Post the quotes in your journal.
[4] Have those on your friends list guess what the show is.
[5] Extra points for knowing the actor and character's name.
[6] Strike out the quote once it has been correctly identified

Show #1: From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than... no. Sorry, that's The Lion King.
both show and character guessed by the wonderful so_severus

on to the rest of the shows...Collapse )

Jun. 7th, 2007

ok... I am going to rant and probably no one will understand what the fuck i am talking about but whatever. you don't really need to read it.

we are hiring 8 dental temps. we (spherion) are responsible for paying the temps and the system we use is called RWB. we then bill CIGNA and the system they use is WAND. therefore... each temps needs a RWB order # and a WAND order number.

it used to be that I would open an order in RWB and add all the candidates to it. ONE order in RWB. My boss would call whoever they need to at WAND to get the EIGHT order numbers we needed (one for each temp) and then i would add each temp to their individual number. This means for 8 temps starting on monday, there would be ONE RWB order number and EIGHT WAND order numbers.

Makes sense?

i was doing fine with it. everything made sense, i inputted everything on time, all the correct orders were opened and filled... and then spherion tried to make things easy on me by taking away my WAND access and having all order with all systems go through one place. so now i am dealing with fucktards from FL that have never worked on anything like this account before and have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING. not to mention are not listening to WHAT I NEED. even when i tell them straight out... i need one RWB order for 8 temps. you know waht... just fucking open it and I will fix everything that you fuck up.

at this rate next weeks payroll is just going to be a huge fucking mess... and honestly i dont want to deal with irate temps that are not getting paid. it is not fun.

HOW HARD IS IT TO DO YOUR JOB AND GIVE ME WHAT I NEED?! Fuck it... I have clearly stated in multiple emails what i need to do my job. i have even spelled out exactly what they need to do for me to do my job since i am familiar with the account and have been doing this crap for the last 3 months. 3 months might not make me an expert but it is sure a hell of a lot better than 1 week.

Fuck it. after orientation i am going home. i worked enough OT this week to justify gettin out of here at 3... or maybe i will be good and wait til 4.

Jun. 5th, 2007

This weekend was entertaining. My mom came to visit which was fun cause I miss her and she is awesome. She went couch shopping with me since I gave the old one away to the boy's brother. The old one was this deep navy blue and sectional and from the 70's or something. The new one is a futon and you can totally lounge on it and it is sooooo comfy. Can't wait til they get it in the store and I can go pick it up. 

Also... I got my charger this weekend! This means nothing to non-wow playing people... so let e explain. I got a pretty shiny pony with lots of armor and spikes on it. he is awesomely fast and looks so kewl :) i think i shall name him steve. must look at the pics j took later. now all i need is to lvl some other charcters and get tons of money so i can get a flying mount and some kitties or rams. /wow dorkishness

thai food is yummy. i lvoe it.

i am sick and tired of coming in to work early. the ride takes about twice the amount of time thanks to school buses and traffic and i am exhausted all week. i don't get enough sleep as it is... now you want to take more away from me? great.

I am sad paul is leaving. he wants me to come work for him in TN. i dunno... maybe it is an idea.

bdays and randomness :)

Well... today is rj's bday so...


enjoy the wonderfully awesome tmnt sweatshirt that I gave you cause I totally plan on "borrowing" it :)

This weeked I will be celebrating the boy's bday and hanging out with the wonderfully awesome


transrelativity cause he is coming from philly to visit!!! YAY!! this means there will be much dorkiness this weekend which makes this jess very very very happy! i ned some fun.

I also need some wow. too many things to do before this weekend and the potential DM run. I can't believe i haven't been able to get on since monday. much sadness. 

also... i am really happy. i just entered to win breaking benjamin tickets for next weekends concert through cigna... and knew most of the trivia questions off the top of my head. it was awesome!

Wow funness and a crappy morning

Since I barely have enough energy to update this journal, there is no way i am going to be starting a wow journal so you guys have to deal wtih my wow posts here. deal :)

last night

oh_my_stars was tons of awesome and ran me and the boy through the deadmines. The boy ran his pally who he is trying to lvl so he can do some bigger dungeons with me and transrelativity  this wekeend, while i took my lock for the hell of it since I rarely ever play her. Of course last night she dinged 20 which means she can get a succubus and can now summon... so i am going to have to start playing her a bit. just cause she is fun.

not to mention, while all this destruction was happening in the deadmines (thanks to the lovely hunter), the most awesome transrelativity helped me get the rest of the mats I need for the quest to get my charger, and also got some of my awesome guildmates to help make the bars i need. (gossamerrain, you and averan are totally awesome!!) So if i quest my butt off and get lots of money to pay for the rest of my horsie... i might be able to get it this wekend (also assumming that everyone that needs to go to DM can and will :) )

So yeah... last night was lots of wow funness.  This morning sucked. I woke up on time but i just couldn't get out of bed. Really didn't feel like it. And then I got all dressed up nice and pretty, walked to my car, drove down the driveway... and notices a huge run in my stockings. Went back home to change and of course couldn't find anything to wear and ended up leaving the house 20 min later than i should of. even though i was running late... i still could have made it to work on time... if i had not run into immense traffic thanks to construction and if i hadn't forgotten my badge on the skirt i changed out of this morning. 

ugh... the boy thinks he is getting sick and stayed home from work today. i seriously hope i just ave allergies and am not catching anything. i refuse to be sick this weekend. refuse!!


definately an... interesting weekend

All in all... it was definately an interesting weekend. Yeah... i am definately going to go with interesting. 

Friday night was fun. I was hoping that Kayte and Mary would come out with me... but they were busy/tired, so i ended up hanging out with Paula and Jamie at the Kartune show at the boy's bar. There weren't many people... but it was fun nonetheless. Also, there were pierogies after the show... which makes everything yummy and shiny.

johnstevensaulcame to visit on Saturday. There was lots of singstar karaoke and drinking going on. omg... singstar is so much more difficult that k-rev. maybe it is just cause i am used to k-rev... but damn. now i am going to have to start playing that cause even easy is kicking ym ass. of course i am going to have to go out and buy the discs... but yay for john giving me his extra mics! also... playing catch in the dark is way entertaining.

Last night i drove 3 hours to State College for a MCR concert that ended up being cancelled due to sickness. I was not happy. not to mention that we got pulled over for speeding and now have a nice ticket to pay. it was the first time i was ever pulled over and of course i didn't bring my purse or wallet cause i was wearing a skirt and never bring all that bulky shit to concerts... so i didn't have my registration or insurance on me. we did end up finding this great little restaurant called the green bowl. pretty much they give you a green bowl, you fill it up with all sorts of veggies and noodles, or whatever your heart desires, and then you tell them, if you want any meat in it and they cook it all up for you. very very yummy. not worth the 6 hour drive and the speeding ticket.. but it was good food.

now i am just tired and really really want to go to a real concert. i wonder who is playing with lp for projeckt revolution...

and yay! heroes tonight!!
Stolen from transrelativity:

Comment and I'll:

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - a song, a color, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favorite user picture of yours.
8. In return, you must post this in your LJ (or not, I mean, free world and all that). 

Sorry if i take a while to respond... i am going to be doing it while i am bored at work :)