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Brooklyn's Journal

Ramblings of a Deluded Brain

27 August 1983
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What's the point of wearing your lucky rocketship underpants if no one asks to see 'em?
accents, adam brody, apologies, art, ass-kicking, beautiful things, being a kid, being different, being dorky, being held, being tickled, being weird, ben burnley, blankets, blue eyes, books, bowling, box of sharp objects, breaking benjamin, brie, brooklyn, buffy, butterflies with forks, cheese, chester bennington, chevelle, chocolate, clint mathis, colored pencils, costello, cover songs, crayons, crocheting, ctrl+alt+del, cuddling, dancing, dogma, dogs, dragons, dreams, drew university, dvds, eeyore, elves, environment, fairies, fall out boy, family guy, ffviii, flame messanger bags, florence, get fuzzy, gilmore girls, good charlotte, green day, green eyes, harry potter, hermione granger, honesty, hugs, hybrid theory, insanity, kisses, legolas, lightning, linkin park, listening, lotr risk, lunchboxes, lyrics, meteor showers, meteora, mike shinoda, moonlight, my chemical romance, new found glory, nintendo64, not being hurt, ny bagels, oliver wood, orlando bloom, oxymorons, painting, paladins, pants with stars, parties, passion, personal space, playing, poland, ponies, psone, punk rock, purple, red hair, rob bourdon, romance, ron weasley, sarcasm, scarlet monastery, scarves, science, scott adams, shallow bays, shoes, sims 2, singing, skiing, sleeping, smiling, soccer, soup mugs, spider monkey!, stars, subways, sweatshirts, swings at night, taking back sunday, the brothers tauren, tigger mugs, torg, travel, tv, twizzlers, van gogh, video games, walks in the rain, weezer, winglies, wings, winning fights, winter, wizard of oz, world of warcraft, x-men, zach braff